Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Creating bulk users from Exchange management shell

Original script From : Script to download

When you have downloaded and extracted the scripts to your server – open a Powershell Console and navigate to the location where they are located – when there type in:



When the script executes you will be presented with a Windows “Open” dialog box – navigate to the location where you extracted the files and then choose the sample CSV – see below;


The script will then execute creating each user in your Active Directory Lab environment – the Default password is “Password1” – see below;


When the script has completed – open Active Directory Users and Computers – you will see a new OU called “ExchangeUsers” – within this OU are the new accounts that you can play with – see below;


Enable the users using Power Shell

Get-User -Filter {Department -Like 8* -And RecipientType -eq User} | % { Enable-MailUser $_ -externalEmailAddress $($}

Another Script
Get-User | Where-Object{$_.RecipientType –eq “User”}
Get-User –OrganizationalUnit People | Where-Object{$_.RecipientType –eq “User”}
get-user –organizationalUnit people | where-object{$_.RecipientType –eq “User” -and $_.department –eq “Sales”}
get-user –organizationalUnit people | where-object {$_.RecipientType –eq “User” -and $_.department –eq “Sales”} | Enable-Mailbox –Database “EXCHANGE1\Mailbox Database” | get-mailbox | select name,windowsemailaddress,database

From the powershell, run the .\CreateUsersFromCSV.ps1
and the confirm the user from Get-User in Active directory at OU=ExchangeUsers and in the below Exchange shell command rename -OrganizationalUnit People
Get-user –organizationalUnit people | where-object {$_.RecipientType –eq “User” -and $_.department –eq “Sales”} | Enable-Mailbox –Database “EXCHANGE1\Mailbox Database” | get-mailbox | select name,windowsemailaddress,database

Run the command from Shell
get-mailbox | fl name, database and from the resultant replace the Database after Enable-Mailbox -Database ""

So the new command would be
get-user –organizationalUnit ExchangeUsers | where-object {$_.RecipientType –eq “User” -and $_.department –eq “Sales”} | Enable-Mailbox –Database “E2K7\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database” | get-mailbox | select name,windowsemailaddress,database

Here OrganizationUnit is the location from ADUC where Exchange users created
and E2K7\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database is an example from my E2k7 DB

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