Saturday, November 9, 2013


Here are the few Examples for using NSLookup

nslookup -q=a ""
Eg. nslookup -q=a ""

In above examples, i am using as an example and if you want to test with any other domain, use IP along with domain name.

set vc   // for tcp queries
server <>

nslookup q=ptr
> type IP address to check whether IP address has reverse IP

in the same way you can change the query type to mx, a, txt,ns

q=mx //to query about MX record of the domain
q=a    //All
q=txt // TXT record
q=ns //name server 

Other tools can be used
c:\> ARP -a 
c:\> Route Print

c:\> pathping -4  ( domain is used as an Example)

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